"SRS should be a good and reliable tool for the state in the sphere of tax administration. SRS has lost the trust, but the trust in the eyes of the public society of the SRS have to return in the near future, because there are comparatively low levels of tax collection and the relatively large shadow economy," said Dana Reizniece-Ozola. In her opinion, the reasons for low tax collection is not only practical and economic, but also emotional: a low level of confidence in the government, Seimas and government agencies in General.

"If the SRS, which is the main tax administration in the country, instills fears about yourself, it destroys the morality of society, and the motivation to pay taxes drops significantly. Now we are trying to rid the Agency from dishonest employees. In parallel, CEO of SRS Inara Petersone should offer incentives for excellent and honest work for the most professional and honest employees working in structures where there are high risks of corruption. We must strive to ensure that as soon as possible to deduce SRS from the shadow of a doubt that SRS was again in full force to act in accordance with their service units", - said the Minister.

As previously reported, the Finance Minister sent a list of 29 employees of the SRS suspected of illegal activities.