The biggest funding in the budget for next year provides for the health care industry, said Reizniece-Ozola. The Ministry of health will contribute to allay the concerns of the social partners of the government regarding the fuzzy distribution of funding.

The budget of the defense industry in 2018 will reach 2% of gross domestic product. The following year, on the fulfillment of obligations to NATO will be allocated to 126,8 million euros. Significant funds are also provided to strengthen the internal security and borders, the Minister added.

Also adopted important decisions on the financing of education, in particular, increase of salaries of University teachers. In the sphere of culture will create a Fund to support creative workers.

There is reason to think about drafting a balanced budget in the medium term, said Reizniece-Ozola.

In turn, the Prime Minister expressed hope that the Parliament will consider the budget as quickly as the government, although the adoption of the budget in the second reading and left some unresolved issues.

"I am pleased that in the budget development process has not been lost government priorities. If last year's priorities were education and defense, but this year the emphasis is on health and demographics," said Kuchinskis.

As reported, on Tuesday, the Cabinet approved the bill on the state budget 2018, providing for revenues of $ 8.75 billion euros for 725,11 million euros more than in 2017, and expenditure of € 8.95 billion euros, which is 624,82 million euros more.

Budget revenues in 2017 is planned in the amount of 8.03 billion euros, the cost — of 8.33 billion euros. In 2018, the main income of the state budget are projected at $ 6.16 billion euros, the cost — of 6.49 billion euros. The revenues of the special budget of social insurance are projected in the amount of 2.77 billion euros, the cost 2.65 billion euros.