Experts Easypark used statistical data about 500 cities and evaluation of approximately 20 thousand journalists covering themes of urban planning and development of information technology, according to "News.Economy".

The rankings were considered 19 factors, such as the availability of fast Internet, the supply of clean energy, high activity of the population, are beneficial for business environment, etc.

We also evaluated how modern is the transport infrastructure in the city. In particular, the experts took into account the presence of sensors of traffic, automated Parking, and mobile apps for renting cars.

For each factor the maximum you could get 10 points. Then all the scores were summed and determined the average score for each city. The leader of the rating was Copenhagen: capital of Denmark gained 8.24 points — all the other cities the average rating did not exceed eight points.

Riga with a rate of 4.90 points ranked 75th place. The highest estimate of the capital of Latvia has received for "supply of clean energy" (9.13 points), "protection of environment" (9,57) for "digitization" (was 9.06) and the lowest for education (1,69).

For comparison: in Vilnius ranking Easypark located on 73-m a place, Tallinn — 76-m, Moscow — 77-m, Beijing — 81-m, Shanghai — 85-m, Rio-de-Janeiro — 86-m, Saint Petersburg — 88-m, Warsaw — 89-m, Berlin — 13th, London on the 17th, Paris on the 19th, Seoul on the 21st. Helsinki — on the 23rd, New York- on the 24th, Oslo — 34, Dublin — 42.

Below is the top ten most "smart" cities in the world:

  • 1. 10. Melbourne, Australia
  • 2. 9. Geneva, Switzerland
  • 3. 8. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 4. 7. San Francisco, USA
  • 5. 6. Tokyo, Japan
  • 6. 5. Boston, USA
  • 7. 4. Zurich, Switzerland
  • 8. 3. Stockholm, Sweden
  • 9. 2. Singapore
  • 10. 1. Copenhagen, Denmark