Of course, there is the question of how language learning can improve brain function? Compare the brain with the rest of the muscles in our body. We care about the body, going to the gym, and thus keeping our muscles toned. Our brain is also a necessary activity to maintain its functionality. It is no secret that a foreign language is one of those things that are easy to forget, if it is not regularly used. For example, if you have to use English only for work in everyday or social situations, you may have problems with communication on General topics. This is because these aspects of the language you haven't coached, and some basic things are forgotten. This is the same as with different muscle groups: if all the time you spend training only legs, at the moment when you need to lift something heavy, the muscles of the arms are not able to cope with the task.

A similar process happens in the moment when we cease to study/train at all. The level of language proficiency falls/muscle tone disappears. Experience The English language centre RBSH confirms the long-known truth that foreign language should be improved, to deepen and develop. Should continue to grow with the language, read books, listen to movies, and try to use grammatically correct language. This process, of course, can be done independently, but, continuing the analogy with physical training, many people find it easier to motivate themselves when they do it together with others. In the gym care about you and support specialists in their field — coaching, language courses — teachers who pay attention and help to master the material efficiently and correctly.

To summarize, I can safely say that the human brain is a unique muscle, and the more you use it the better it works. Just as other muscles in our body which we are trying to develop in the gym, while walking and outdoor activities. The more we move, the we are stronger and healthier.

The muscles need to have to develop. One group of muscles — in the gym, others receiving education. Start the new year by training your brain and sign up for courses in English language Centre RBSH. Start learning already, January 8! More information here or by calling 67089800.