As pointed out by the AAU, the application for GMI benefit, increasingly, are the people with low pensions, disabled children, children. Every tenth beneficiary of the GMI — working.

Myblog and the AAU agreed that myblog will be included in the request for funding in the 2017 budget funds for the renewal of earmarked grants, and the AAU will assess the possible sources of funding and will move this question to include in the negotiations with the Cabinet of Ministers.

Myblog draws attention to the fact that additional funding won't be allocated, and at the end of the year will need to modify the regulations once again postponing the resumption of earmarked grants to local governments. Target subsidies of the state for increase of salaries of social workers working with families and children, stood out from 1 October 2007 until 1 July 2009 and was 124,09 Lata (176,56€) per caseworker.