Recall that He arrived at the first shooting without ammo in the MAG and used the help of a coach, but it is not consistent with the rules of the International biathlon Union (IBU), as such assistance had to obtain from the judge of the competition.

"Desire to challenge the victory of Fourcade was not, — commented on the situation to Rastorguev and added. Formally he may have been not quite right, but he did not receive benefits and won in a fair fight. On the contrary, he even gave all opponents a head start. You need to fight and win on the track. There's nobody hurt, nothing did, he lost time at the turn and was forced to catch up with rivals".

28-summer Latvian biathlete also noted that the fight with the Frenchman perhaps. "Despite his victory, he really fight. All unbeatable. Just need to work hard and well to prepare. Then we can cope with Fourcade".

You don't even compares his win at the European championship three years ago and the current second place at the world Cup. "This success is more significant. European championship and world Cup are not comparable competition. Here are absolutely all of the strongest, and therefore to be on the podium in such a company is worth a lot. I don't even have words to describe what this island means to me. I even burst into tears. Now I want to repeat this success next season optimistic".

By the way, appreciated Andrew and the entire past season, which ended for him on such a high note.

"Pretty tough season because at the beginning I had surgery on the shoulder, — said Rastorguev. — Because of this I missed the whole summer training and started to do only in September, and rifle, and physical training. But then the season came very motivated, I knew I had to come back. We coaches did a good training plan and it worked out very well. Now the season is finished for me. I'll have to check your health, which I have not done in the last four weeks, and tests. You need to keep your body under control".

P. S. After finishing the mass start at Holmenkollen, and decided not to disqualify Martin Fourcade IBU officials, clarified the situation by breaking the rules of the French biathlete.

"In the first shooting stage, He raised his hand in assistance. This was done according to the rules, because he did not have rounds in the magazine. None of the judges responded. He raised his hand a second time and again there was no reaction from the staff. Then he just waited, when he will give ammo, as expected by the rules, however, the French coach threw him the clip. This is usually not allowed, but the judges decided that He did everything in accordance with the rules, and to disqualify him from the coach would be too cruel," — said in a statement, the International biathlon Union.