An open world in which we live, reveals to each the almost endless possibilities. And at the same time, is placing ever higher requirements. Diplomas "for show" no longer work. Life plan "to be sitting in an office cubicle until retirement at the minimum wage" is doomed to failure. The world is changing rapidly, and the main value is the ability to adapt, make the best use of their knowledge, talents and skills, and willingness to absorb new and the ability to use these skills in the past. Or, to put it simply - the ability to learn.

"The ability to learn" in the XXI century is not something that 20-30 years ago. It's not cramming, and not doing the standard tasks that the student sleepless nights before the exam. Today it is a completely conscious process: selection of the most promising profession with regard to the personal qualities of the student, then getting high quality higher education.

A good University degree obtained at a foreign University, dramatically increases the chances of success. Graduate of a foreign University is not only receiving a beautiful item in a CV. He is natively fluent in a foreign language and has a set of knowledge and skills, many of which in Latvia is to simply unrealistic. "Many see study abroad more as a powerful impetus to the development of personality. A young man a few years living in another country feels different cultural and social context, and begins to see things differently. Often he becomes a man of the world - with a broad Outlook and openness to the new," says Director and consultant egoPERFECTUS on education abroad Oksana Pinchuk. But this is an important quality for a modern open world.

For 22-23 years this student - have bachelor's degree, often is the past practice in major international companies. With extensive experience in independent living. And, of course, with the vast professional knowledge that allow you to start your own career.

It all sounds simple and logical but how many are able in 18-20 years to make a conscious choice of profession? To assess the risks, calculate the pros and cons? Experts egoPERFECTUS for 12 years to help find answers to these questions.

We use perhaps the most accurate and detailed tool of professional orientation in our market - career test egoCOMPASS. This technique was developed in the UK over half a century ago. A prospective student for four hours answering questions, allowing his abilities, personality characteristics, interests and desires. The results are sent to the UK and gets tested a 16-page analytical report, the results of which he offers 12 basic and 24 additional professions. Then egoPERFECTUS km from University - based on the results of the test, the curriculum, features of the country and financial possibilities.

At the very beginning of life is extremely important to make the right choice. egoPERFECTUS helps prospective student and his parents to find the best solution. To schedule a consultation to professionals egoPERFECTUS here.