"Reading" in 37-m round of the championship in the English Championship division, visited the Vice-leader of the tournament "Brighton". Raquel didn't get into the first team and went on the field only ten minutes before the final whistle, when his team lost by 0:1. In the allotted field time Latvian forward nothing outstanding did not do.

It was the second consecutive defeat at reading FC in the championship and in the third match in a row, "royals" can't win. With 44 points, the club of the doctor Blade fell to 15th place in the competition of 24 teams.

In the Czech Republic was the return match of 1/4 of final of Cup of the country. Prague "Dukla" Kaspars Gorkha at this stage of the tournament went to Jablonec. Teams are neighbors in the standings in the national championship ("Jablonec" — 8, "Dukla" — 9-I).

The first game in Prague two weeks ago, the winner is not revealed (0:0), and yesterday at first all was well for the team in Gorkha (he played the full 90 minutes), which managed to open the scoring in the first half. However after the break the home team within seven minutes we scored two goals and ended the meeting with a victory (2:1), and with it and got to the semifinals.