Broadcast from 8 am to 20.00 gala information marathon. It will be attended by politicians, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, politicians and many other guests, who for 10 years visited the Studio of radio Baltkom. 17 hours in the Studio will visit a special guest - artist Maksim Galkin,

"Radio station Baltkom, a Latvian, but the guests we have from around the world. Radio is actively growing, using modern means of Internet, broadcasting to the whole world. Live broadcast from the Studio, with interesting events, incidents and work our correspondents are not only FM, but also in the online broadcasting, so we can say that our radio has long gone beyond simple receiver," - says the chief editor of radio station Baltkom Natalia Mikhailova.

For those guests who come to the Studio prepared a special jubilee quiz with questions on the history of radio Baltkom – in the air, and also mini-quests for air. The stream from the Studio and outside the Studio – throughout the day.