RBS has always been a University focused on connecting the academic environment with practical knowledge for the best possible preparation of graduates to the labour market. So it is natural that in 2018 for local students admission procedure will be changed. This decision was taken as a result of the conversations between entrepreneurs and students, from which followed the conclusion about the apparent lack of understanding by young people of the requirements of the labour market and enterprises ' expectations of young people. Special attention was paid to international and rapidly growing companies.

"The Call of the Silicon valley" future students will be able to meet with representatives of enterprises and to participate in a brief simulation of the process of personnel selection. This will help the youth better understand what is expected of it upon graduation or even during it. The entrance exam will be assessed the following quality candidates: IQ, integrity, leadership, team-building, intellectual curiosity, cultural awareness, vitality, and social responsibility.

Learn more about the new rules here.