The first half of the match was equal and tense struggle. After the first quarter, "Ventspils" has conceded with a difference in one point (18:19). On the big break, the home team left with the same lag (36:37).

During the third quarter of the guests took seven points (43:36), but by the beginning of the final 10 minutes ahead by the score was already "Ventspils" — 56:54. In the last quarter of forward are alternately pulled out to both teams, but the final word remained with the owners. Accurate shot seven seconds before the siren managed Rolando Sakis, who became the most productive player in the "Ventspils" with 14 points.

In the main tournament of the Champions League will make 32 teams from 14 countries. Turkey, Italy and France the largest representation — four club. Three of the teams were Greece, Germany and Spain. At the preliminary stage teams are divided into four groups. "Ventspils" was in a group And to such teams as "Ludwigsburg" (Germany), "Gaziantep" (Turkey), "the Neptunes" (Lithuania), Tenerife (Spain), "Elan Chalon" (France), "Orlandina" (Italy) and PAOK (Greece).

Four teams from each group will qualify to 1/8 final, two more will continue to fight for a place in the FIBA Eurocup. In the 1/8 and 1/4 finals of the Champions League teams will play two matches — home and away, the result of which will determine the participants of the Final four, scheduled for early may.

The Champions League is designed to create competition, the Euroleague, the right to organize which FIBA lost in 2000. However, the financial possibilities of the Federation do not allow to count on the participation in the tournament of the giants of European basketball and the best teams from top leagues who prefer the more prestigious Euroleague ULEB or Eurocup. Although in the main tournament of the Champions League will be the Champions of France ("Elan Chalon") and Italy (Venice), countries such as Russia, Spain, Greece and Turkey are represented with second-rate clubs.