Thomas Bach, the head of the International Olympic Committee

"I don't see any reason in the possibility of a Russian boycott of the Olympics because, as you know, we allow "pure" Russian athletes to participate in Olympic games".

Alexander Zhukov, the head of the Russian Olympic Committee

"Russian athletes invited to the Olympics to compete under a neutral flag and no anthem. However, this restriction only applies to the last day of the Olympics. And it is expected that the last day of the Olympics, all the temporary suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee will be lifted, in the last day, the Russian athletes will be able to pass under the Russian flag along with all the athletes the rest of the world".

Igor Lebedev, Deputy speaker of the state Duma

"The decision of the IOC to refuse to use the Olympics national flag is a humiliation for such a great sporting country like Russia. This is another blow to Russian sports, which can no longer be ignore, it is necessary to take some steps. Should be a joint decision of all sports federations in our country about the complete rejection of participation in the Olympic games" (TASS).

Irina Rodnina, the triple Olympic champion in figure skating, the Deputy of the state Duma

"Now our main task is to solve inside yourself: go: guys, which will allow to compete at the Olympic games under a neutral flag, or our whole team will be there to present. My personal opinion is that I wouldn't go to these Games. But this is my personal opinion" ("Opinion").

Evgenia Medvedeva, the two-time world figure skating champion

"If I'm going to the Game? This will be discussed more, and very early to ask such questions. We did everything we could. I'm glad I could be here [at a meeting of the IOC Executive Board — Bi-bi-si], say your little speech. I hope my speech produced the effect that was needed. I hope that all will be well. Of course, I want to go to Korea" (Russia-24).

Tatiana Tarasova, figure skating coach, consultant of the Russian national team

"Is just killing our national sport. Of course, we'll try. We will survive. Not so experienced. The solution, of course, absolutely unfair. We cannot accept that doping, which gave one person that it is the policy of the state... Just no words. Even want not to cry, and howl!

It's one thing when you have lived life at the Olympic games. Another thing — when you begin every day rvisi their guts for these Games, but you are not allowed... We're the legs folded and did nothing after the Olympics in Rio, he forgot about everything. Not stocked by serious people that would respond to the legal issues (Sport-Express)".

Vasily Utkin, a sports commentator

Anton Babikov, acting biathlete, member of the Russian national team

"I think that in this situation such a decision is logical. It was hard to expect that we allow all the rules. And it is important for us to compete at the Olympics. We remain Russians, despite the color of the flag ("Match TV").

Ilya Kovalchuk, hockey player

"To go to the Olympics it is necessary! To give up means to surrender! Are all aware that the IOC decision is pure politics and against whom it is directed. In principle, it was clear that there would be such a solution. But if the athletes go there, it will unite a country.
All "clean" athletes have to go. For many this will be the last Game, and to be able to get to the Olympics they will no longer be" (R-Sport).

Alexander Zubkov, the head of Federation of bobsled of Russia, was stripped of two gold medals of Games in Sochi

"Today's decision was expected. It is a humiliation and a blow to the gut. As it is now to be athletes? If I stay with this lot, I would not imagine myself without a flag, and even more — no national anthem of our country".

Lada Zadonskaya, skater, participant of the Sochi Games

Elena Vyalbe, the President of Federation of ski races of Russia

"I have no words. Don't even say anything. It is clear that all in shock," (R-Sport).

Alexey Voevoda, a bobsledder, lost gold of the Sochi Games

"I will be proud, who will not go to the Olympics 2018. The state's position to go to these Games impossible. With the position of the athlete again, you can understand any individual athlete who wants to go. We are all individual. But I'm proud of those who will not go. You nurtured homeland" (Match TV).

Georgy Cherdantsev, a sports commentator

Holding VGTRK (Russia 1, Russia-24)

"Our position remains unchanged: without the participation of Russian national team the Olympic games in Phenchhane we are not going to broadcast" (press service).

Sergei Chepikov, biathlon, two-time Olympic champion

"I didn't expect another decision is very harsh measures against our team. I beg you not to blame the guys who decide to compete under a neutral flag. We know that they are Russians, and we should support them" (TASS).