The last word the speaker began by saying that once again refused to admit guilt. He believes that he committed monstrous provocation.

"This is an amazing result. The victim becomes a witness, and then dissolving somewhere between Khanty-Mansiysk and Rome, Ulyukayev said. — And there was only the smell of sulfur". Sechin he called "a specialist in turning stuff, smelly stuff".

"This process has aroused great interest of the audience — a middle-aged Gladiator with a cardboard sword fighting off the very real guns. The bell may ring at any of the spectators is now easy: bag, basket, poorly shot video — three clicks and ready," he said.

According to him, the beneficiary of the process is obvious, and the prosecution tried to sew the black thing with white thread. "When I said Monday that I had fun listening to the charges, someone might think that I went to the roof. Claim: the roof did not go", — added ex-the Minister.

"Imagine you have a friend-the official who you do not like, you walk and you tell him — hold portfolio, my shoelace is untied. What could be in the bag of money? Or the prosecution believes that the defendant has points with x-ray vision? — it asked a question.

Ulyukayev said that pleads guilty only that did is woefully small, that often compromises, hypocrisy, took some presents and he did them. "Excuse me, people. I am guilty before you. I've changed my mind this year. The rest of my life I will devote to defending the interests of the people," he said.

After the meeting, Ulyukayev said even on some questions of journalists. "Arms, legs is, well, how do bad moods come from" — he joked in response to the question about the mood. The question is whether his optimism about the sentence, Ulyukayev said that he is optimistic about life.

The court will announce the verdict in the case of Alexei Ulyukayev 15 Dec. The prosecution asked for the official 10 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony, the defense insists that his guilt has not been proved and it must be justified.

"Really scary"

Thursday was also made replicas of the parties to the process. The so-called objections to the statements made by the parties during the judicial debate. Prosecutors in his remarks he insisted that the guilt of the defendant in the course of the process has been proven.

The prosecution called comical version of protection, claiming that the speaker did not know about the contents received from Sechin bags. According to prosecutors, the behavior of the defendant at the time of receipt of the bag shows only one thing — he knew that there is money.

The prosecution also said the defense contradicted itself — on the one lawyers have referred to the materials of the case, such as transcript of conversation of the speaker with Sechin has told that this transcript was obtained illegally.

The Prosecutor's office considers untenable the statement of defence, according to which the actions Sechin was a provocation. The prosecution believes that there is no doubt that the crime was committed in the form of receiving bribes or that he was made the speaker.

"Really scary when a person with a spotless record and reputation, with all the benefits, it becomes such a way as the crime of bribery," said Prosecutor Paul Filipchuk.

Another representative of the Prosecutor's office, Boris Neporozhny, said that he did not want to make a replica, but the defense made their arguments in the debate gave him no choice. He questioned the speaker, who said in the debate that Sechin allegedly wanted to eliminate it as a potential criticism.

The Prosecutor was concerned that the speaker has voiced this version before the end of the trial. According to Neporozhnego, it could be due to the fact that the defendant knew the weakness of his position and therefore did not want to publicize it.

"Vicious and defiant"

In turn, the defense again stated that he believes the blame Ulyukayev unproven. The lawyers insist that the transfer of their client money Sechin was just a provocation and the case was investigated with great number of violations.

"All criminal proceedings are so flawed, challenging, fraught with such number of rights violations... have I ever said that we are talking about unlawful imprisonment," said lawyer Timothy Gridnev. In particular, he added, blocking the car speaker, the FSB has compiled a Protocol on the detention of the speaker, not explained to him his rights and gave a call. "The public face for seven hours disappeared from radar, he disappeared, that we can do with the Ministers?!" — was indignant Gridnev.

He also recalled that Igor Sechin is a key witness in the case — did not appear in court. Gridnev believes that this is due to the reluctance Sechin confirm your earlier testimony and her inability to do so. "I think we are in that is really where the emotional nature of the prosecution shows that it is difficult to support the charge, when nothing to say", — said the lawyer.

He also once again stated that the evidence that the speaker extorted Sechin have some money in Goa, no, the statement for extortion filed with the FSB, Sechin and Oleg Feoktistov, at the time headed the security service of "Rosneft" was about, this whole situation was a provocation.

Lawyer Larisa Kashtanova also drew attention to the excessive, in her opinion, emotion prosecutors. In her opinion, such statements as "rolling in clover" and "bunch of unintelligible responses" are contrary to the code of ethics not applicable to any of the participants in the process.

She also said that the changed personal data to the private investor who has provided Sechin $ 2 million on alleged bribes for speaker, and ownership of the money is still not installed. "The case can be compared with the words from the song "I love you blinded from what it was," said she.

Lawyer Darejan Queeze how she and her colleagues paid particular attention to the wording used by prosecutors. "Proverbs "is no sore", "like cheese in butter rolls around" — is that all, links to what rule of law?" — asked she.

10 years and 500 million

In the debate of the parties on 4 December, the prosecution asked to appoint Ulyukayev penalty of 10 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony. Prosecutors also demanded that former Minister a fine of 500 million rubles and banned him for 10 years to hold public office.

Also, the prosecution asked the defendant to deprive the state awards and the title of the honoured economist. The Prosecutor invited the court to read Ulyukayev in penalty time. already he had been under house arrest during the investigation and trial — he is under house arrest for more than a year — from November 15 2016.

In turn, protection insists that the fault of the speaker is not proven and needs to be justified. In addition, the defense asked to postpone the debate to give the floor to the lawyer of the Victoria Burkovskaya she missed several meetings, telling the judge that could not attend due to illness.

Without the testimony of the main witness

The testimony of the main witness and the initiator of the case speaker, Igor Sechin, in court has not sounded. The court will not be able to reference them in the sentence, and the defense gets a significant reason to appeal the judge's decision in the higher courts.

The head of "Rosneft" is the key witness for both the prosecution and defense: what he reported to the FSB that the speaker allegedly extorted a bribe in October 2016, he participated in investigatory experiment, in which the Minister was detained.

Sechin at the stage of pre-trial investigation gave evidence on which the prosecution case, if the speaker did ask the head of the state-owned companies of a certain monetary reward.

Sechin was summoned to court four times but all four times he didn't come, citing a tight schedule. Articles questioning Sechin at the trial is not announced because it was opposed by the protection of the speaker, demanding that the head of "Rosneft" personally appeared in court.

The results of the interrogation never officially been published (still with them the Russian service Bi-bi-si). Sechin, according to the protocols of interrogations, confessed to investigators that the witnesses of his meeting with Ulyukaev in Goa is, but the conversation no one heard.

Version Speaker

He Ulyukayev said that Sechin has organized his criminal prosecution for criticism of the deal for the privatization of "Rosneft". "By order of the government, the investors had to pay 710 billion rubles for the shares of "Rosneft", — he explained. — However, after my arrest was in fact paid another amount, apparently managed to mislead the government".

"It was decided that 18 billion less will be paid. 18 billion rubles — about a quarter of all spending on culture. The whole structure of privatization is so opaque and questionable that he decided to eliminate the possible criticism of the deal," added the speaker.

He asked the court to acquit him, against Sechin and former head of the security service of "Rosneft" Oleg Feoktistov to initiate a review of the Investigative Committee on the subject of giving them false readings.