"Now on this issue, only discussion. This can be a kind of sensing (from the "Unity" — approx. ed.) to understand what are the sentiments in Parliament and among the teachers, parents associated with labor Union and Russian-speaking schools", believes Skudra. The real "battle for voice" can start only when the diet will begin consideration of a particular bill.

Also, the Professor admits that "Unity" at the same time maintains the sensing and reaction of "Consent" on the language issue.

As stated by Prime Minister Maris Kuchinskis, the conditions of transition of the education system on the Latvian language the coalition intends to finally determine until February 2018, so the party couldn't use this debate as a tool for their election campaigns. Kuchinskis noted that the members of the coalition "there is no doubt that education in Latvia should be obtained in the state language", because competition in the labor market can only sustain people with a good knowledge of the language.

During the month the Minister of education and science Karlis Sadurskis should prepare an informational message and potential amendments to the laws that will be discussed. Kuchinskis recalled that in the Declaration of the government envisages to prepare a principles of a gradual transfer of education to the state language.