According to representatives of the "Movement "For!"", after exclusion of the former head of the faction of cavity Aboltina of "Unity" and her displacement from the post of head of the faction, the situation changed.

The Board Of The "Movement "For!"" delegated its leader Daniel Pavluts and member of the Board of Ints Dalderis for negotiations.

Now the faction has six representatives of different parties, and four independents, and more than half of the deputies are not members of the "Unity", he said Pavluts.

It is proposed to convert the work done so that "clearly recognized and respected the rights of members of "the Movement "For!"" to comply with the program and decisions of the party". Solution of the fraction shall be taken after approval of the installations of all its constituent parties, said Pavluts.

"The Movement "For!"" present in the diet dālderis, Lolita cigane, Alexey Loskutov and Andrey Yudin, previously released from the "Unity".

From 22 deputies of the faction "Unity", only 10 are members of this party.