According to the publication The Sun, Jones was destroyed by a missile strike on the border of Syria and Iraq in June, however, this information was kept secret because of fears that this strike was killed by her 10-year-old son Jojo. Remaining in England, the father claimed that he learned of Jojo in one of the young butchers of ISIS.

Sally Jones, a former punk guitarist from Kent, fled to ISIS together with her son in 2013 and soon after married a young Muslim, Junaid Hussain. He was killed in the summer of 2015, and Jones became known as the White Widow.

Over time, English has become one of the most prominent recruiter of a terrorist organization. Broadcaster Sky News in 2015, told how Junaid and Sally have guided and encouraged the supporters in the UK to carry out terrorist attacks. So undercover journalist Jones gave a list of materials needed to manufacture bombs, and promised to help raise her online.