Stay in the Crimea Putin first inspected from a helicopter the territory of the construction site. It needs to be held in the headquarters of the construction operational meeting on the socio-economic development of Crimea and Sevastopol, reports "Interfax".

Russia has never built projects of such complexity in such a short time. On the construction of the bridge is reserved for less than three years. The value of the object, confirmed by Glavgosekspertiza should be 228,3 billion rubles.

The design of the bridge across the Kerch Strait has received a positive conclusion of Glavgosexpertiza of Russia on 18 February 2016. Then began the main construction works. 19-kilometer bridge will connect the Taman and Kerch and will become the longest in Russia.

The bridge consists of two parallel structures under road and rail movement, United by a common constructive-technological scheme. The General contractor for the construction of the bridge is LLC "stroygazmontazh" (SGM) Arkady Rotenberg.

The opening of vehicular traffic in the operating mode and the beginning of the temporary use of the railway line, to be held in December 2018, commissioning — 30 June 2019.

As reported previously on 18 March, the EU called on member States of the UN to impose sanctions against Moscow in accordance with the resolution of the UN General Assembly. The document says that Brussels does not recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia and considers it a violation of international law.

The Kremlin announced that the 2014 decision on the accession of Crimea to Russia is not negotiable and cannot be subject to international negotiations. The President's press Secretary Dmitry Peskov stressed that should respect the will of the residents of the Peninsula.

Sands did not respond to the question whether Moscow to respond to new EU sanctions in the event of their introduction. "It depends on what kind of sanctions they are, is unclear ... so it is difficult to answer this question", — he said.

In a referendum on March 16, 2014 96,77 percent of the Crimean population voted for joining the Russian Federation. After the referendum the Supreme Council of Crimea declared the autonomy of the sovereign state — the Republic of Crimea and appealed to Russia with a request for acceptance into the Russian Federation. Sevastopol city Council, in turn, at an extraordinary session, unanimously adopted a resolution on joining Russia as a separate Federal entity.

18 March 2014 in Moscow was signed the agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Crimea on admission of the Crimea in the Russian Federation and education in its structure two new entities — Republic of Crimea and the Federal city of Sevastopol.