Earlier, the head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov said that the stop of the first start occurred due to a failure of the automatic control system. The official representative of the space Agency Igor Burenkov said that the analysis of the causes that led to the crash, the special Commission is engaged.

As reported, the first launch from the Vostochny spaceport, scheduled for April 27 was canceled a minute before the start. Re-start is scheduled for April 28, but the start can be postponed indefinitely until you resolve all potential problems, reports RIA "Novosti".

Mounted on the launch pad carrier rocket has put into orbit the satellite "Mikhailo Lomonosov, AIST-2D" and SamSat-218Д. Watch the start to Blagoveshchensk there has arrived Putin who decided to stay at the spaceport to clarify the prospects of re-launch.

"Despite all the difficulties and problematic issues, in General, the movement today (to bring the spaceport) to the normative state largely achieved", — Putin said at a meeting of the state Commission for the launch of the carrier rocket, which was attended by the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov and his first Deputy Alexander Ivanov.

Putin expressed a desire to see for the "debriefing" in the space industry in cases where failures are associated with "carelessness".

"If this is due to sloppiness, lack of control over important processes, I want to understand, to see how the debriefing in such cases", — quotes Putin Agency TASS.

He explained that he intends to hear reports that members of the Commission will be doing to their heads, and try to understand. He promised not to interfere in the work of the state Commission, but promised to re-visit the launch site.

A case of sloppiness Putin discussed on the example of the Kourou space centre in French Guiana, where four were cancelled launches of the carrier rocket "Soyuz".

"But if four failures on Kuru — two because of bad weather and two due to the fact that a unit of some kind, the gyro, turned out to be in improper condition, the question arises: that it could not deliver in the desired condition? Or do you not check before you put? Is that a complicated mathematical calculation? In my opinion, this is due to sloppiness and lack of elemental control.

The purpose of today's visit was to ensure that the construction of the spaceport reached standard parameters. I hope I will have the opportunity to say thank you to those people who worked in good faith here," said he.

"Russia remains leader in the number of launches is good, but what we are faced with a lot of failures — it's bad, and should be timely response. With the development of new technology possible failures, it is natural, but we need to support people who encounter them. Failures are possible, but people who want to do the work, face the problem and seek to solve it, we need to support, and that support will be" — quoted Putin Agency "Interfax".

Putin noted that a failure of a launch from the East "is associated not with the state of the spaceport and missile complex: "Despite all the difficulties and problematic issues, in General, the movement today (to bring the spaceport) to the normative state is largely achieved. Today's failure of the start-up is associated, as far as I understand the reports, not with the status of the spaceport, and with the very missile system".

The President of the Russian Federation is convinced that, in General, "rocket the industry shows good growth, it significantly outperforms other related industries. In 90-e years, according to Putin, the country almost lost this industry, because there were those who proposed to invest in high technology, and in food products for citizens.

"But with the loss of the high-tech sphere we wouldn't have any sausage, nor bread," explained Putin, noting that high technology is primarily long-term development, "thank God, we in time come to their senses, realized it".

Speaking about the new spaceport, the President noted that, in General, standards for construction of the East made, although the project was not easy, in particular initiated six criminal cases, and four people are in custody: two in jail and two more under house arrest. "If their guilt is proven, they will have to change a warm and homely b & b in the prison cell," — said Putin.