The incident happened on the evening of 30 April, when the Lithuanian fishermen told local guards that within the village Bitani on the Neman, near the Lithuanian coast capsized and sank metal motor boat.

Later, the fishermen told the border guards that on the Russian side, several people drank alcoholic drinks, shouted to them, offering to drink together.

When Lithuanian border guards arrived at the designated place, which stood on the Bank to emerge from the water two men shouting "run" again rushed to the Neman river (the width of the river in that place is about 200 meters), intending to return on another Russian Bank.

Then on the service boat to the specified place of profit Lithuanian border guards with Vasilisoj Outpost. If they do not, then one of the swimmers would have drowned. Near the border he already was under water, protruded from the water, only his arm, and before that, a man screaming "Help".

The guards pulled him to shore. From the fugitive reeked of alcohol, he was very cold. Later, it was revealed that 29-the summer inhabitant of Kaliningrad region.

The second man reached the Russian coast. About this Lithuanian border guards have informed their Russian colleagues.

Lithuanian border guards on the SUV were taken saved in Tauragė hospital, on the way he took over the ambulance doctors. Later, 4 hours after the incident at the hospital in the blood saved was more than 2 ppm of alcohol.

Night in the hospital was guarded by Russian border guards. The next day, when the man felt better, he was transferred to a prison. An investigation on the fact of illegal border crossing.

When they began to check the information about the incident, it became clear that in a boat, heading towards Lithuania, could be not two, but three citizens of Russia.

1 may the divers pulled out of the Neman the corpse of the drowned men. The boat, which was sailing men have not yet discovered. In the place where she sank, the depth of the Neman river is 9 meters.