As explained by the representatives of Vejonis, the President believes that currently the amendment process "is in the early stages, so the President will allow the deputies to work". Any comments Vejonis will make only when the Parliament will finish work on the bill.

16 March, the Sejm voted to transfer for consideration to the urgent amendment on the matter of national security, commercial societies. For this, 60 members voted against were 28 representatives of "Consent" and "From the heart — Latvia". "First see that some Committee is considering the bill and announces his secret," — said the MP Janis Adamsons ("Agreement").

The amendments give the government the power to oblige the owners of undertakings of importance to national security, to sell, if they own significant shares. Also need to get permission from the government for acquisition of significant influence in the commercial society, of importance to national security.

The status of "commercial companies of importance for national security" will apply to electronic communications merchants with a significant influence on the market, the national electronic media, predpriyaty, received in Latvia a license for the transportation and storage of natural gas or commercial companies that own equipment for liquefied natural gas connected to the gas distribution system.