In an official statement released by Gospelize, it is said that from Wednesday the acting head of the RUP appointed the current head of the order police of Riga region Alexander Bukovich.

"Markitans played an important role during the time of the barricades of 1991. At that time he was head of the Bauska city police Department and took the initiative to create such an Association of volunteers who went to Riga to defend the building of the interior Ministry and the Cabinet of Ministers. The state police appreciates the many years of experience Markitans and expresses its gratitude for his contribution to the restoration of police after Latvia gained independence, and to the development of the police," — said the head of popolizio ints kuzis.

Care Markitans retirement will not affect the decision of a question on administrative punishment for the possible excess of admissible speed. Also it will have no impact on disciplinary proceedings.

In January of 2017 years, Guntars Markitans was arrested for speeding on Bauska highway. car Ford Mondeo, at the wheel which there was a General, went with a speed more than 130 km/h. The administrative Protocol drawn up on the spot was not. Markitans said that riding on the official car and checked how the Traffic police perform their duties. After it stopped, the General rebuked the police in contempt, he sat in his car and drove away.

The transmission of More Personīgā channel TV3 reports that Markitans "were confused in indications". First, he said, speeding up to 5 km/hour, then claimed to have tested the Traffic police post, their actions no one was agreed on, and the speedometer was not looking.