Earlier it was reported that one woman died and at least 19 people were injured in the incident in the city of Charlottesville. According to recent reports, the vehicle drove into the crowd of those who opposed the right-wing rally.

Police have arrested a 20-year-old James fields, which, presumably, was sitting in the car. He was charged with second-degree murder.

According to police, 15 people were injured in clashes in other parts of the city.

Also on Saturday on the outskirts of Charlottesville crashed police helicopter, killing two people. It is unknown whether the collapse of clashes in the city.

In several parts of the city state of emergency.

"I want to appeal to all the supporters of white supremacy and the Nazis, who came to Charlottesville. Our message is clear and simple: go home. This society does not accept you. Shame on you. You build themselves as patriots, while in fact you are anything but patriots", - said the head of the state Terry McAuliffe at a press conference.

"Today you came here to hurt people, and you did it. But I want to be clear: we are stronger than you," he added.

Governor Democrat also announced that he has twice asked the President of the United States Donald trump to initiate the movement for rallying the people.

He also thanked the police and other law enforcement agencies and emergency services who assisted victims.

Action "Merge right" was declared as a protest against the plans to dismantle the statue of General Robert E. Lee in the Park Release (black slaves) in the center of Charlottesville and was supposed to start at noon local time. General Lee commanded the army of the southern States defeated in the Civil war 1861-65 years.

Police announced the illegal right-wing rally and demanded the crowd to disperse after the protesters and their opponents clashed.

As the Washington Post reported that among the protesters that started gathering on Friday evening, it was noticed a large number of radicals, including neo-Nazis, "alternative right" (white nationalists) activists racist organization "Ku Klux Klan". They shouted slogans, including "Jew, we will not replace" reports the New York Times.

Correspondent Bi-bi-si on a place of events Joel Gunter also saw the Nazi salute:

They were immediately met by almost as many activists opposing views, including of the movement "black Lives matter" acting against racial prejudice.2.*

Between them soon began skirmishing, and continued the next morning. During the clashes used batons, sticks, self-made shields, spray irritating chemicals. Police reported two victims.

At 11 am the state Governor declared the state of emergency, after which the police asked all the crowd to disperse. She also used tear gas.

The state of emergency authorizes the state to enter into the city extra police.

Charlottesville is a University town, which houses the campus of the University of Virginia. Most of the city's population adheres to liberal views, in particular, 86% of local voters in November of last year, voted for Hillary Clinton.

During the Civil war, Virginia fought on the side of the South, but in recent years it has become much more liberal, especially in areas located near the capital of USA - Washington.

The US President Donald trump, resting in his private Golf club in Bedminster (new Jersey), responded to the events in Charlottesville after almost a half hour after right-wing protesters began to disperse.

"We should ALL be United and condemn everything it stands for hatred. In America there is no place for such violence," wrote trump in "tweet".