After the death of the singer on her account left 21 million rubles (more than 280 thousand euros at current exchange rate) collected from the treatment amounts, clarifies the issue with reference to the statement of the organization "Rusfond" that raises funds. The representatives of the Fund reported 16 June 2015, the next day after the death of Jeanne. At the same time, representatives of the organization did not specify where will the rest of the money - will they return Fund for transfer to other in need of treatment or remain the family of the singer.

7 July 2015 year, the father of singer Vladimir Friske said that the family should pay for the treatment cost 106 thousand dollars the clinic where Joan had been in therapy. The man thus pointed out that to pay for the treatment daughter was forced to sell the family business - a small hotel in Dubai.

13 Oct 2015 year, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, with whom Joan had a long relationship and a child together, suggested "Respond" to request information about money in the Bank, where should be stored all the data on the flow of funds. The Bank, citing the law, in providing this information, the Fund refused.

15 Oct the Fund informed the relatives of the singer that they have to give an account of the balance transferred Joan to the treatment of funds - 21 million rubles. The family ignored the request.

16 Dec 2015 of the year "Rusfond" re-turned to the family of Jeanne - and again to no avail. Also, the family did not respond to the notification from the "Rusfond" through a notary who signed the will of the singer.

24 Dec a charitable organization gave the term a friend of the singer, including Dmitry Shepelev, until January 15, - to this belongs the date they were to provide a report on money and documents. And again the report was not.

After that, January 19, 2016 of the year "Rusfond" appealed to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with the statement about the theft and a request to investigate the fate of the money.

22 January Dmitry Shepelev said that is irrelevant to the desired amount, and about what happened to the money, can only tell her family.

Vladimir Friske, in turn, the words of the TV presenter denied, and 23 Jan announced that it will sue with the "Rusfond", but quickly abandoned this intention and was accused of embezzlement of money Shepeleva. After a few days, February 3, the father of the actress said that did not know about the need to report on money spent to the charitable organization.

In March this year the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation considered the appeal of "Rusfond", but referred it to the interior Ministry, explaining that the allegations not in their competence.

27 April published photocopies of Bank documents, which show that 2 weeks before the death of Jeanne Friske money had been transferred to another Bank its mother, and after two months, the Bank lost its license and was declared bankrupt. Vladimir Friske in response to the request of the publication to comment on the actions of his wife explained that withdrawals were personal savings and his Jeanne, and money, "Rusfond" transferred overseas Dmitry Shepelev.