Because so far there was no discussion at the political level, there is no clarity about whether or not an agreement is reached about the transfer of certain functions to government, she said.

"If the agreement of the government with local governments is not, then how to solve the question of salaries of teachers of kindergartens and vocational schools?" — asks Vanaga, explaining that if the agreement is not reached, it would mean that neither one nor the other will not be able to plan millions.

Open remains the question about the number of students per teacher, said the Union leader.

Lpro continues to believe that the proposed model has taken into account not all that it was the most fulfilling, and continues to insist on the adoption of a schedule of increased funding.

Vanaga believes that now the discussion returned to the matters addressed in stay by the Minister of education and science Marite the sale.

As reported, planned by the Ministry of education and science reform teachers ' salaries, which should enter into force on 1 September, aims to increase the number of students per teacher.