A letter of thanks for their constructive cooperation, which, unfortunately, was not successful, it's Friday. Nord Stream 2 without Ventspils, and the project will be implemented in cooperation between Russia, Finland, Sweden and Germany, he said.

Although the government has already decided that the state representatives on the Board of the port of Ventspils will vote against any form of port's participation in the project, Lembergs previously admitted that the project can participate by private companies, but this option is not implemented.

"Unofficially they said that they do not want to do anything "back door"," said the mayor. Although the transportation and storage of pipes for the pipeline without problems would be handled with private companies, representatives of Nord Stream 2 agreed that "will respect a political statement and will do without Latvia".

According to Lembergs, Latvia, refused to participate in this project, sacrificed their interests in favor of countries that are not interested in a direct pipeline connection between Russia and Germany. "I hope the Belarusians, Ukrainians, poles, Czechs and Slovaks will pay in Latvia. The total damage to national economy of Latvia will be approximately 100 million euros, the direct losses in the municipal budget — about 150 thousand Euro", — says the mayor.

Previously, Lembergs said that the port of Ventspils and its two terminal Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals and Eurohome Latvija — received an offer to participate in the construction of an average link of the Nord Stream pipeline 2, providing storage and supply pipe through the port.

According to the calculations of the port authority, as a result of participation in the project, Latvia's economy would have received EUR 25 million.

Received port suggestion was that Ventspils could take required for the construction of gas pipeline pipes, to keep them on their sites and to deliver to the place of laying of the pipeline in the sea. Currently, truck grounds of the port is insufficient to store the necessary number of pipes, so the project investors were invited to invest in the port € 14 million, to build additional cargo area 7 hectares, which will then be transferred to the port.

To the port of Ventspils to participate in the project, you must obtain permission of his reign. As reported, Lembergs, four of the eight members of the harbour Board delegated by the ministries, and the Ministry of foreign Affairs Latvia's participation in this project was not approved.

1200-kilometer Nord Stream pipeline 2 to be laid through the Baltic sea and will transport natural gas from Russia to customers in Europe. It is expected that its capacity will amount to 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Russian concern "Gazprom", a British-Dutch group Shell, Austria's OMV and the German company "Uniper" and Wintershall have agreed to build a Nord Stream 2 in 2015. The pipeline will connect through the Baltic sea, Russia and Germany, bypassing Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States. The capacity of the new pipeline will be twice bigger than Nord Stream and its construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019.

The European Commission is negative towards this project.