"In addition to adoption and integration in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania's rapid reaction forces to reinforce the security of NATO, we need to further deepen the mutual defense cooperation, continuing the project is a joint infantry battalion", — said the commander of the Estonian defence Forces General Riho Terras.

"We have been training personnel of the joint battalions for more than 20 years and at the time of the Baltic battalion has played a successful and important role in what we become members of NATO. Now we have an opportunity with the Baltic battalion to contribute to the strengthening of its own security and the security of our allies in the Alliance," said Terraces.

During the meeting of the Terraces, as well as his Lithuanian and Latvian colleagues — Lieutenant General Jonas Vytautas Zukas and Leonid Kalnins also discussed the extended presence of NATO allies in their countries, reforms in military schools and the joint Baltic defense College.

The defence forces of the Baltic countries work closely together. In the framework of the joint air defense system Baltnet Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania sent its military to radar maintenance at Karmėlava in Lithuania. The Baltic battalion Baltbat, under the command of Estonia took part in the operations of the rapid reaction forces of NATO.

Located in Tartu, the Baltic defence College BALTDEFCOL is a joint higher military education institution of the third stage, training of senior staff officers.