Decided to check the number online and found that no one keep calling me from this number. Some men even answered. That risk, of course, not worth it. Just ignore and they will stop calling.

Country: USA
Location: Californiа (Los Angeles)

In the State police "DELFI Reporter" reported that suspicious calls from abroad the inhabitants of Latvia began to bomb several months ago. Peak activity occurred in February. There were calls from Europe and Africa. In several cases the victim was the bait and pick it up. On the other end kept going to Voicemail and foreign voice started to say something, but at the end of the month, people receive large bills. The police initiated several criminal cases on these episodes. How the scheme works and who is behind it is not yet clear.

To avoid becoming the next victim of a Scam, police recommend not to just pick up the phone. If calls continue (it happened that one number was called 10 times), you should immediately inform your mobile operator that can block specific number.

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