The only drawback: for sale in Rumbula. We know that the Rumbula is a bucket of shit, and the probability of finding it in a diamond - 1%. Still, hope dies last.

What is not silent story

According to CSDD, the car has just been imported in Latvia and passed the inspection. Perfect! Next - check the machine history in the Dutch register through the service AutoDNA. There is nothing wrong - two owners, no bad signs. Last check of the service history from the Audi dealer network.

It turns out that the machine is well cared for until 2013, was repaired and painted the front part, and at other times painted bumpers. But here's the run... In late 2013 he was already 5,000 more than now. Judging by history, the car owner drove an average of 20 thousand in a year, it is clear that the odometer is removed back at least 40 000 km. a Trifle, but unpleasant. Nothing, mileage means nothing. Going to watch!

The charm and magic of Rumbula

Come to the site - there's dozens, cars with transit numbers circulate back and forth, everything. Find the right site and our black beauty. We were met by a rather cheerful uncle in years, as a seasoned car salesman.

Unfortunately, the man with displeasure reports that anything about this car knows, because it is sold by the owner. Well, OK. Interesting the owner just drove the car and already selling. Well. Uncle visibly sours when he sees that I have already scoured the Internet and brought a device for measuring the thickness of the layer of paint, but offers to look at the history of cars and even the service book. Open, and there...

Service book as an object of decorative art

Miracles in the service book very different mileage than the database service network. And print another service. Contemporary art. I heard that traders have long cracked this case and do German service book, but to hold in hand not accounted for. In General, bad. It is clear that the event falls, we ran into scams. As usual. But still...

Bypass machine with casinotitan. Find and the traces specified in the dealer history of minor accidents (though the Dutch masters did it for the glory), and other surprises - including, rust and traces of inept repair elsewhere. Bad, but nothing criminal. However, under the hood we were in for another surprise.

With the naked eye visible solid oil stain in different places, all turbine in "snot". Stick my hand deeper, my finger is covered in oil. Scheise! The uncle calms: it's nothing, this happens to all old cars. Yeah, right...

Check in service!

I feel that the dream has vanished and it is time to Wake up. But you want to dream! Maybe we need to trust the person? If you carefully check the service, it is possible to buy. We offer you to buy a car, if you can check in the service of our choice. Speak openly that rolled the odometer are concerned we are not interested in a real condition. Uncle doesn't know anything, call the owner. The owner reported that no check in service will not.

Despite the fact that we have had and the computer for diagnostics to test the electronics and other nodes decide that there is no point to continue. The Rumbula Rumbula is there's nothing for us to do. We inform you that we think that we want to cheat and buy a car that cannot be screened will not buy. The man clearly unhappy that I spent time angry with us. Nothing to do - say goodbye and leave rude...


If something looks incredible well, then... Maybe this car wasn't so bad. Maybe the engine need to change a couple of gaskets and the body of a little paint. Maybe that's okay, when the service book is tampered with and the mileage is twisted. But we did not like. So the Rumbula was and still is a bucket of shit, which is probably a diamond. As I said a friend associated with the automobile business in Rumbula, where you can buy a good car, but it will be very, very search. And be careful, because up until the bad vehicles are issued for good that are sold at incredibly low prices and distorting the market, to make money by selling good cars at the right price.

Shopping tips:

  • Check the history of the machine in all possible ways and on all databases, to carefully analyze and draw conclusions.
  • If knowledge and experience is not enough, try not to buy cars on suspicious sites, especially in Riga. Sellers in his ability to persuade and deceive superior to most buyers.
  • To buy a car only from those holders who do not mind checking in the service.
  • If there is a desire to know something and to learn something, then buy and learn to use casinomar (50-70 Euro) and a simple computer for diagnostics (90-150 Euro).
  • Use other available tools - using a familiar specialist, etc.

P. S. I Congratulate the next owner of this car! If you invest some a couple thousand in repairs, you get a decent vehicle. There were also much, much worse. In General, good luck!

Translation from Latvian. Full version