The President noted that the adoption of amendments to the law "On immigration" demonstrated the imperfection of the process, when for the third reading in a matter of urgency prepare and send contradictory norms. And the Parliament accept the proposals, failing to assess them. As a result, the text of the law there are contradictions.

The President, having studied the text adopted by the Sejm of the law and prepared the materials, I came to the conclusion that the project is marred by serious inaccuracies. Therefore, the parliamentarians will have more time to work on the text of the law.

In "homework" for members identified seven legislative norms, which should be specified.

Recall that in the new edition of the law, the Cabinet of Ministers is authorised to assess the impact of issuing residence permits (permit) for national security or economic development and in some cases to apply restrictions for a time, but not longer than five years. Criteria are the number of third country nationals in Latvia or at a concentration in a particular area. The Cabinet of Ministers is entitled to make rules about what citizens of third countries and on what time permits for temporary residence limited.

Now the law also provides that a foreign national can obtain a residence permit on the basis of the purchase of two properties (excluding undeveloped land) outside Riga, Jurmala, ādaži, babīte, Baldone, Carnikava, Garkalne, Ikskile, Kekava, Marupe, Olaine, Ropazi, Salaspils, Saulkrasti or Stupinskogo region with a total value of not less than 250 thousand Euro. Thereby changed the rate, which had previously stipulated that, outside of the cities and territories, the alien can have only one object worth at least 250 thousand Euro.

The President has the day before expressed his dissatisfaction with the practice of Parliament. "I have stressed on many occasions that I don't like this practice — to the third or second reading on urgent issues will be a very substantial amendment, which does not allow neither the experts nor the lawyers of the Seimas to consider them", — said the President, commenting on the amendments to the immigration law.