"And education, and health mostly face problems of funding, so now is the time to make decisions that relate to tax reform. This is a problem, which they say all entrepreneurs — they are not willing to invest in Latvia, if you do not know what awaits us in the future. Now that the basic principles of tax reform approved by the government, it is necessary to tackle the following issues first and foremost, this reform in education and health care," the President said.

Vejonis noted that he had met with representatives of the medical trade Union, and they have complaints about wages. "It's a question of budget revenues, so the decision needs to search together with the ministries of health and Finance. The President can't influence someone to increase the salary and where in the budget to get funds for these purposes. The government will soon submit its proposals how to improve the financing of health care, and some of these funds, of course, will focus on the salaries of doctors," — said the President.