"A boycott will not achieve anything. I see no reason to boycott from Russian athletes. Because we allow clean athletes to participate. It can demonstrate the existence of clean athletes in Russia. We believe that they can build bridges with the future of clean sport," Bach quotes Sports.ru.

The head of the IOC noted that "when we discussed the situation before the Olympic games in Rio, we have not had the opportunity to hear the Russian side. Then it was mostly about violations of the Moscow laboratory. Now we are talking about the manipulation of the Olympic laboratory in Sochi. Conditions differ".

IOC representative Samuel Schmid said that the IOC was based on the testimony of Gregory Rodchenkov, and the documents and "evidence of impartiality": the scientific evidence, correspondence. The Board found "systematic manipulation of the anti-doping rules and antidoping in General".

"We have never been faced with the manipulation of such scale. This led to the fact that the Olympic movement had caused damage of an unprecedented scale," said Schmid, adding that "private rights of athletes must be protected".

The IOC said that can partially or fully lift the suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee only after the closing ceremony of the Games in 2018. And only provided that "all decisions will be made for OCD athletes and officials. "This decision should draw a final line under this episode and be an incentive to create a more effective anti-doping system," — said Schmid.

According to Schmid, although OCD had not violated directly, it carries a formal and contractual responsibility.

As reported, the decision of the IOC, Russia is suspended from the Olympics in 2018, athletes will be able to act only under a neutral flag, and membership of the Russian Olympic Committee to the IOC suspended.

Russian athletes will be able to speak under his own name, but without any national symbols. They will imagine how the Olympic athletes of Russia (Olympic Athlete from Russia — OAR). The equipment will be written such English name. Flag and anthem Olympic. None of the members of the administrative team Russia at the Olympic games in Sochi (managers/officers) can't go to Korea.

Other decisions of the IOC:

– Not to put on the Olympics, no one member of the Ministry of sports of Russia for the Olympics-2018.
– Vitaly Mutko and former Deputy Yury Nagornykh disqualified for life and will never be able to visit the Olympic games.
– To exclude Dmitry Chernyshenko from the coordination Commission of the Beijing-2022.
– To deprive the head of the ROC Alexander Zhukov, the status of IOC member.

In addition, Russia needs to reimburse all costs associated with the investigation and will contribute to the establishment of an Independent testing body. Total compensation — $ 15 million.

The decision regarding the participation or non-participation of Russia under a neutral flag will announce Vladimir Putin personally. It will happen on December 6 at the all-Russian forum of volunteers.