After the speech, Duterte said that sang "by order of the commander-in-chief of the United States" that is trump.

Trump and Duterte first met in person recently at the APEC summit in Vietnam. After arriving in Manila, the US President had to pose with Duterte in front of cameras. During the meeting, Philippine President was accompanied by his common-law wife.

The ASEAN summit held in the Philippines capital Manila. Formally, events in the framework of the summit began November 10, and the principal will be held November 13-14. They will be attended by heads of States and governments of more than 20 countries.

Meanwhile, the US President's visit to the Philippines accompanied by protests. On the streets of Manila came a few hundred people, according to with reference to Phil Star.

Protesters carried cardboard image of the President of the United States, holding a gun, a money bag, a nuclear warhead, and the bulldozer bucket. According to activists, this image symbolized the "American imperialism". Later, the protesters burned a cardboard trump.

The organizers of the protests were made by the representatives of leftist groups "New Patriotic Alliance". During the demonstration there were clashes of activists with the police, the police used against the protesters with a fire hose.

Earlier Duterte repeatedly made public curses to the American authorities. So, in August last year, he called the US Ambassador to the Philippines, "gay" and "son of a bitch", and before a G20 summit in China called Obama "son of a bitch" and urged to withdraw U.S. troops from a military base on one of the Islands of the Philippines.

In November 2016 Duterte ordered to cancel a deal to purchase weapons from the USA and announced the termination of the joint Philippine-American military exercises and the revision of the agreement between countries for protection.