Oude Fedorova 29 years old, married, works in a very interesting area — navigation. Is sending sailors to sea. Young woman likes to read, and favorite sport is tennis. Unfortunately, in this hobby do not have the time, so Auda replaces it with an evening jog along with a friend. Participated in the race through the forest, willingly engaged in swimming, and also adds with a smile, he sleeps a lot and does nothing. Auda willing to attend concerts as performances of pop stars and classical musicians. She loved Opera. Theatre — to a lesser extent, since there's too ahead of time to order tickets to interested productions. Not involved in the various lotteries with cash prizes, however, gladly takes part in contests on Facebook — occasionally something wins. For example, tickets for Riga Fashion Week and a season ticket to the Solarium.

Auda very glad I got the four contestants transformations. The application was filed, because it could not determine the style of clothes at work, and also wanted to understand how to choose clothes for her figure. If you are able to find and buy a blouse or pants, she buys them in multiple colors, so you can change it. But to choose a skirt she never learned.

So the transformation could begin, Oude had to choose a beauty salon, so at first all desired services were reserved through a convenient platform ToBook.lv. Within a day of Audu accompanied, advised and cheered stylist Lolita Graudina, which has a lot of experience with this kind of transformations — has helped it flourish for many women. Besides knowledge and experience, making it a versatile man — Lolita and finished courses of hairdressers, and the school of make-up, so in this area she is a real professional.

The transformation of "Blossom with spring!" organize:
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Tobook.lv — first in Latvia, a platform for booking of services in the field of beauty. Through Tobook.lv you are using any device that has Internet access, may at any time make an appointment with a hairdresser, stylist or other professional.

Domina Shopping — one of the largest shopping centres in Riga: there are more than 160 shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as many other services.