Tatiana until the last moment did not even know about his transformation. Their participation in competition it is completely owe it to my colleague who has applied. But that didn't stop 30-year-old Tatiana.

At the beginning of the Transfiguration Tatiana was a little worried and wanted to know how it will look in the end, but she was ready for anything except not with pink hair. But seriously, the woman says that during the Transfiguration, there can be no such transformations that would not change, so no fear of no transformation. "I want to get professional advice from the experts, hear the advice, but I'm a little worried about what happens in the end," said Tatiana at the beginning of his transformation.

Throughout the day Tatyana has advised the stylist Lolita Graudina. She has extensive experience with the changing style of Lolita has helped a number of local journalists to be transformed. Knowledge and experience, making it a versatile specialist: Lolita finished hairdresser's courses and art school of makeup, Tatiana so we gave in good hands.

The transformation of "Blossom with spring!" organize:
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