"We are not talking about the underground economy and organized crime, which obviously covered the following areas that we now now is not about individual cases but about the participation of persons who were due to oversight. We, uniquely, to further strengthen the activities. I think to discuss with the Minister of internal Affairs the possibility of expanding the functions of the Bureau of internal security, since it is necessary to understand, on whom we can rely. I can assure you that this is only the beginning, and will not just talk," said he.

Kuchinskis outraged that such cases were the first journalists say.

As reported, the Bureau of internal security last week detained the Deputy head of Department of the order police of the State police of Avila Feyerabends and the inspector of the police Department about the creativity of Preteens, and the state revenue Service (SRS) provided the Finance Minister a list of employees of the financial police of the SRS, and in respect of whom there are allegations of dishonesty.