This contract was concluded in the autumn of 2003, and three years later extended for another 25 years. The parties agreed that the Duma allows the company handling hazardous substances, and business on the development of social infrastructure annually allocates 1 million euros plus interest from the projected income.

During this time the company VNT have time to list the Ventspils Duma more than 13.7 million euros.

In the middle of last year the company's management warned the government that the funds previously considers donations, but more will not be able to translate them, as are faced with different obstacles.

The company TV channel explained that it is still willing to donate money for different charity projects, but cooperation with the Duma of any benefit, the terminal no longer receives.

At the same time, the city mayor Aivars Lembergs noted that Ventspils Duma did not feel the lack of money VNT.

The mayor insists that the business must operate under the same conditions as in other countries. In recent years, from the terminal point of smell. The Duma on it constantly indicates, so the Vitol group was offended and decided not to transfer the money in the city budget, says Lembergs.

Member of the Board of VNT Lars Rasselas recognizes that relations with the government deteriorated, but the company is not to blame.