According to LETA, the organization that helps law enforcement and relatives of the missing people quest is the largest society of its kind in Latvia. As explained Mickelson, occasionally it happens that the "missing" people actually went abroad without telling anyone. According to the representative of volunteers, continue in respect of such persons ought to apply administrative punishment such as forced labor.

The chief of criminal investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the criminal police Janis Lazdins said that the state police probably does not support this proposal.

It happens that people quarrel and leave in an unknown direction, and the family called the police with a statement that the person is missing. The police can't be sure that there has been an accident, a suicide or a crime, so must check each case, he said.

"In some countries the police, convinced that in relation to missing not committed a crime, ends the test. Perhaps, this option requires fewer resources from the state can, and ought to choose this technique. I don't think it would be adkvatnyh not to look much less punished for missing people after konstatinovna that not committed a crime," — said lazdiņš.

The state police receives annually from 700 to 1000 statements of missing people, most of these people find.

More than 98% of the time when missing people are found dead, had an accident.

The police cannot find the missing an average of 30-50 people a year.