As has told to Agency LETA the representative of the State fire and rescue service INTA Plavniece, firefighters received a call around 21.00. It was reported that near the Vanšu bridge in Riga is a raft, which burn the wood. The area of the fire amounted to one square meter. Firefighters pulled the raft out of the water and was extinguished. No one was hurt.

As reported on 11 November on the occasion of the Lacplesis Day in Riga was held a military parade, held the laying of wreaths at the communal cemetery and was an extensive programme of cultural and commemorative events.

The evening was held the event "the spirit of the freedom fighters — for all seasons" — with a procession from the cemetery to the square strēlnieku minute tribute in honor of the fallen soldiers at the monument of Freedom concert. In a torchlight procession through the centre of Riga was attended by hundreds of people. In addition to the torches, the participants were carrying flags and candles. On the Waterfront on 11 November, many were left lit candles near the fortification wall of Riga castle, the total number of candles amounted to thousands of pieces.

The Lacplesis day commemorates the Latvian army's victory over the Western volunteer army (the so-called forces of Bermont) November 11, 1919. Latvian army launched a decisive attack on the army of Bermont on November 9, and November 11, she was expelled from Riga. During the fighting, Latvia has lost 743 soldiers, including 57 officers.