Good knowledge of languages, especially English, give the opportunity to be active in an international environment. Now enough with the ability to communicate with business partners and colleagues about the work. In our days the importance is given networking — ability to present themselves and freely discuss a variety of topics beyond the usual comfort zone. You need to be able to Express their opinions about different things, and for important social themes. Here is a very useful preparation.

English language centre RBS offers three types of courses for professional growth. The first of these business English, which will help to improve the characteristic of the international business environment, business vocabulary, including specific terminology. In addition, courses are offered effective communication, where you can learn how to convincingly discuss business issues, social, everyday situations and travel. This course is ideal for those who want to improve the skills of networking. And finally, last but not least the course will help to improve the level of competence is effective presentation.

The new school semester at the English language Center at RBS will begin on September 18. Join friends, students and alumni! To learn more about studies, press here or call by phone 67089800.