It is located close to the railway station and bus stop, so to get to Porto Marine can be without your car. But even if you arrive by private transport, with free Parking in a protected area will not occur. By the way, some arrive here on the water, on yachts and boats – places for mooring them too. Because the complex, though, and grew up in the pine forest, but directly adjacent to the Marina.

Porto Marine is situated on adjacent to the river Lielupe fenced plot. There among the tall pine trees located neat houses for rest and stay. In addition, in the center of the plot a Playground for the kids, and the sides rose two bath center – Captain's yard "and "Boatswain barrels".

"Captain of the yard designed mainly for large groups of guests - it can accommodate 15 to 25 people. The actual celebration can take place in the Banquet hall, of which there are two. There are houses with steam baths with birch wood and huge barrels for bathing with hot water, one of them with hydromassage.

Good progresses, it is possible to pour yourself with cold water from an oak barrel or just take a shower. But you can dip in the pool, the water in which, if necessary, and reheat. There is also a street barbecue and even a separate house for a massage!

When the company is small, few people, she's such a scale to anything. For these more appropriate for one of the six cozy courtyards "Boatswain barrels" - each with its own bath, a table, a grill and a tub for bathing.

If you don't have enough time to take care of food and drinks, no worries: the property will help to make a reservation at one of the many Jurmala catering. The call will be delivered the ordered dishes, and if necessary will provide and service your feast.

So that you can spend time in a comfortable environment, but at the same time in nature and with views of the river. Well, those who rest not imagine without Internet and gadgets, there is also freedom is throughout Porto Marine sustainable Internet access (wireless), for unlimited use to pay them is not necessary.

Razomlev after the bath, you can not rush to leave the place a picnic - after all, at all and enough beds! So a vacation to rest! Among other things, to sing and dance here is not forbidden all night long: there is no danger that you will disturb someone's peace. To ensure the fun will help modern stereos with karaoke and high-quality video.

By the way, often companies come to Porto Marine not only for the organization worthy of a feast and the visit of the Russian or Finnish saunas. It is also possible a more extensive program overnight, and even not one. Believe me, you'll be interested after the holidays.

We will remind that from Porto Marine to marine beach is only a 15 minute walk. And on a bike that you can rent - and even less. So, if there is such a possibility, it is reasonable to remove a guest house and live there.

Each such house has everything you need. Comfort provide not only a comfortable double bed (as an option can be added bunk for children – the place for everyone). There is a fridge, kettle, microwave, set of dishes per family. Then, in the guest house, shower, use the toilet.

Each such house has a spacious terrace, furnished with country furniture. Want to eat barbecue – where you will set and BBQ.

For guests on the territory of Porto Marine has its own Laundry room with stirolnye machines and a tumble dryer.

The story of the complex will be incomplete if not to mention the boat rental. Because the river nearby, so the temptation to sail on a boat along the picturesque banks of the Lielupe river and fishing!

Indeed, in Porto, each Marine will be able to relax as he likes. And that this holiday will be full and memorable, no doubt! Hope to see you among its guests!

Porto Marine

Jurmala, ul Viking, 8.

Tel. 371 26320011

El. email: [email protected]