The exceptions are Broceni, where the local Council is not going to publish the salaries of its members, said the Latvian radio. In General, the journalists conclude that information about the salaries of the deputies is for municipalities a convenient tool to manipulate public opinion, and, if necessary, a portion of the wages they can manifest with a delay or "hide" records in the wilds of their pages on the Internet to find them was a daunting task. Also had to deal with the excuses that the previous lists of salaries where are the modernization of the website of the Duma, or, for example, that they are not posted, as responsible for this person is on vacation.

As for wages, in Baltinava some local MPs work for the people for a ridiculous amount in less than 4 euros, and some representatives of the Riga city Council to get more than 1600 euros. In Auscom the edge of the salary of deputies is 20-30 euros, while they make decisions on budget allocation of almost 7 million euros.

In Jurmala Duma, representatives of the opposition to get a little more than 600 euros, while representatives of the ruling coalition — to a thousand.

Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of environmental protection and regional development Janis Eglitis (Netblock) admitted that mayors can manipulate the size of the salaries of their deputies. "The salaries of deputies — a very powerful weapon in the hands of heads of local governments. For example, those who are in opposition, you can pay 20-40 euros, and the deputies of "their" coalition" will put on additional positions in some of the Commission and to the ability to pay them more. "This is a problem which we need to think about how to cope with it," said Eglitis.