Capo reported NATO in connection with recent staff exercise Trident Jaguar, which was held from 20 to 27 April in Estonia, writes the portal. Drones were seen soon after the commencement of the exercise.

"Over the past two days, including April 22, drones were spotted near the airbase ämari airbase, including near a military base in the South-East" — is listed in the report.

Capo suspects that drones could be used by Russian secret services. Flights were made both day and night time.

According to the report, Sven Mikser, when he was in the position of Minister of defense, gave the order to shoot the drones, which will be noticed near the Amari air base and Eametsa.

The document says about one incident, which occurred near the air base ämari. Then the drone was made 55 shots. However, to shoot down the aircraft failed.

Become the author — Kjetil, Stormark, of Norway's best known journalist. He notes that if this assumption is confirmed, it means that the Russian security services are already operating in Estonia.

Press Secretary KAPO Harris Puusepp told Delfi that the security police should not publicly talk about a possible international collaboration with its partners.

However, he recalled that a Capo in your Yearbook wrote about the potential threat from Russia.