The correct amount is not the Euro, and not even a hundred. Thousands of euros that are needed the girl to live. She's confined to a wheelchair and can't work, and parents cannot afford everything it needs.

Girl needs 25727,21 euros. Now part of this sum has already been collected, but not enough so that she could live and she's better.

"Anyone who has ever helped who had not passed by and reached out a hand to each of you I want to say thank you," says Sophia. She admits that the support of others gives her strength and inspires to live, to write, to dream that one day she will be able to help others. She struggles with her illness since childhood, but especially difficult this struggle was when Sophia was 18 years old — after that, support from the state has decreased significantly.

Now Sophia is 21 years old, and she wants to enter a higher educational institution. She would very much like to study psychology, because he wants to help people who are in a difficult situation. She wrote poetry — she has published one collection of poems. Her tenderness and kindness is visible to the naked eye. A woman named Vera, with whom Sophia had met during rehab, admits that Sophia has brought light in her life while staying in a medical facility: "She's so kind and sweet. Well, how can you not love?".

Sophia really need the support in order to pay for medication and rehabilitation. Courses rehabilitation she needs several times a year to health was improved and there were no threats to life. One rehabilitation costs about 1500 Euro. For a girl it's an impossible amount, besides she needs a different medication.

Помочь тяжелобольной Софии просто выжить

2016 year for Sophia began with hard trials in early January she had surgery and removed the gallbladder. Sofia told how it was: "It was unexpected and very scary. But I gave up and didn't give up, because with me were my closest people". After surgery she went to rehab, which was previously paid from donated funds. If urgent no funds will be raised, then Sophia will have very little chance to get further help.

Only together we can give the opportunity for Sophia to live, and hope that with our support, one day she will realize your dream of helping people who are in difficult situations!

Together we can help this fragile girl with a sweet smile!

From 15 to 20 March in the campaign to raise funds for the health and life of girls. All donations received through the below listed phone numbers of donations during this period will be directed on salvation of life and health of Sophia.

You can donate in the following ways:
90006881 (donate 1.42 EUR)
90006771 (donate 7.11 EUR)
For treatment of Sophia will be invested from calls made from 15 to 20 March.

Also you can donate here:

Really need your support! We ask you to share this information, because Sophia we can help only if that information will read as many people as possible!