Last year the Polish authorities also rejected the "Night wolves" in the passage through its territory, while Poland referred to organizational problems.

This year the Russian Embassy in Warsaw on the motocross announced back in March, but the rejection came anyway, while Warsaw has refused to explain the reasons for such decisions.

As expected, in the near future, the Polish foreign Ministry will publish an official statement on the matter.

The Russian foreign Ministry expressed protest in connection with refusal of Poland to allow a rally in honor of Victory Day, reports TASS. Moscow considers such a move Warsaw "as a particularly malicious and cynical gesture aimed at deliberate deterioration" in bilateral relations.

After the refusal of entry to the Russian bikers, the Russian foreign Ministry had summoned the Polish Ambassador Katarzyna Pelczynska-Nałęcz. After visiting the office, it refused to give comments to journalists, sat in the car and left.

This year representatives of the Russian motorcycle club "Night wolves" intend to hold the race in honor of Victory Day, when you reach Berlin. The rally "Roads of Victory — Berlin starts on April 29 in Moscow, planned his route through Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic and will end in Berlin on 9 may.

The Russian foreign Ministry promptly informed the governments of the countries, the roads which followed the bikers on the rally.

Previously, the State border guard of Latvia expelled a Russian representative of the Russian motorcycle club "Night wolves" Igor Lakatos, included in the list of undesirable to Latvia of persons. the Decision was made on the advice of the security services.

The motorcycle club "Night Wolves" last year, spent the ride from Moscow to Berlin in honor of Victory day. In motocross participated Lakatos and several Latvians. Many Polish politicians objected to the entry of motorcycles into the country, because the club promotes the ideas of intolerance, and some of its members are fighting in the East of Ukraine in the ranks of the separatists.

"Night wolves" have long been closely cooperating with the Russian authorities. The permanent President of the motorcycle club Alexander Zaldostanov nicknamed the Surgeon was confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin during the presidential campaign.

Last year, a convoy of bikers "Night wolves" went to the motocross Moscow — Berlin on April 25. First they visited Belarus, and on the morning of 27 April through the checkpoint Brest headed towards the Polish crossing point of Terespol. The convoy was about 15 motorcycles.

After the "Night wolves" left the territory of Belarus, the bikers took off with the lead car of the Russian flag and handed it to the representative of the Russian Consulate. Previously it was assumed that the Consul will be present when crossing the Polish border, but the Russian diplomat was left with the flag on the Belarusian side.

However, the Polish authorities have denied entry to the country for all bikers "Night wolves". Before you refuse entry, the Polish border guards for several hours of questioning at the border of the Russian bikers. Due to the fact that motorcyclists are having difficulty crossing the border, many bikers are unable to enter the territory of the EU. However, a few bikers still made it to Berlin and took part in the procession through the main streets of the city, and also paid tribute to the fallen second world war soldiers on memorials in parks Treptow and Berlin.

In June 2015 the bikers "Night wolves" has said that it has filed a lawsuit against Polish border guards because of the refusal of entry into the country during the ride.