According to Mazarevica, Russia is the real fighting in Ukraine. "This aggression, which violates all the rules of the civilized world, violates international order in Europe", — said the Minister. He stressed that Moscow "openly declares" that it is entitled to change the "borders of the European countries".

According to the head of the Polish defense Ministry, the picture of the "destabilization" of the Russian situation in Europe and its provocative actions in the West "would be incomplete" without that, "what's going on in Asia." "From the Polish point of view, the activities of North Korea is closely connected and correlated, with the Russian plans and aggressive activities of the Russian Federation", — said Macierewicz.

He added that without this "we will never understand the extent of aggression and the plans that Russia currently implements". "This is not the cold war, and more", — said the Minister.

Russian-Belarusian military exercises "West-2017" on the territory of Belarus and Russia took place from 14 to 20 September. They were developed combat interaction on the six sites of both countries. The exercise was attended by no less than 13 thousand.