The Polish government intends to pay compensation to owners whose property was expropriated by the Communist government after the Second world war. The bill, introduced Wednesday, 11 October, Vice-Minister of justice of Poland Patrick Yaki.

As reported by AFP, we are talking about compensation in return nationalized property. The former owners must obtain 20 percent of the value of lost property. Under this bill compensation will be able to heirs of the citizens who lost their houses and land even before 1945, in particular, were persecuted by the Nazis to the Jews.

"It is impossible to settle all the losses since the Second world war, especially after so many years," said Vice-Minister. However, in his opinion, the Polish government should compensate citizens and their property "expropriated by the Communists." In addition, the project aims to help "investment in cities," explained Yaqui.

According to the Association of former owners, the cost of nationalized private property in Poland is estimated at about 15 billion euros. However, many land plots withdrawn from circulation, since their legal status is not clear so far.