According to the instructions of the supervising Prosecutor, the criminal case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

Now the surgeon continues to work in Children's clinical University hospital.

In November last year the transfer of "Forbidden" Latvian television reported that Juris Chiklis who worked in Children's clinical University hospital, private clinic Veselibas centrs 4 and Riga 1st hospital, for a small fee also wrote out recipes for psychotropic drugs for which criminal liability.

Under the journalists of the experiment, the doctor prescribed Chiklis unfamiliar to the patient a prescription for a psychotropic drug Xanax in exchange for a fee — 15 euros. The doctor asked what health problems arose in the patient.

Authors of the programme said that the doctor behaved in a way that hearing a special password — the word "Sandia", you know that buyers of such prescriptions and which is used in such illegal transactions. According to the "illegal hold", the doctor wrote out these recipes regularly and doing it for more than a year.

Xanax (Xanax) is a psychoactive drug that is intended for patients with the following indications: anxiety and neuroses with anxiety, tension, anxiety, irritability, poor sleep, somatic disorders