Upon arrival, the staff of RMP found there two men sleeping and woke them up. Men explained that they were homeless. Police suggested the men heading to the shelter, but the homeless said, I'm going to go wander the streets than go to sleep in the shelter.

Near homeless was 14-year-old, who said he came to the entrance to wait for the first long-distance bus. According to him, he arrived in Riga to friends, but lost his mobile phone and could not contact the parents to inform them that he did not have enough money for a ticket home. When a teenager with a borrowed phone call to parents, and they transferred to his account the money for the ticket, the buses do not go.

Homeless after preventive conversation, left the house, and the teenager was taken to the duty part, to find out the phone number of his parents. The stepmother of the boy has confirmed that he came from Ventspils failed to return home, and she could not for him to come. She was informed that in this case the young man will be delivered to the state police.