The accident occurred in the underground Parking of the shopping center Ostmala in December last year. Managed employee Liepaja municipal police electric Nissan ENV200 during the manoeuvre, crashed into a pole. For this accident the police called to administrative responsibility, and also gave him a warning. After this LMP has also begun service check.

The car repair cost police 4 754, 85 euros. According to the agreement signed between the police and the employer in the fall of 2015, the employee is completely responsible for official cars, and all claims must be resolved through the courts. In the lawsuit of LMP provided that the police officer made an accident through inattention, because the Parking lot was empty, and maneuvers of the Nissan ENV200 is not obstructed.

The police claim in court is not guilty and explained that he acted without malice, and the accident occurred in the so-called "blind zone". He also explained that was parked on official business, because the police decide that they need to explore. As for the costs of the repair of the car with comprehensive insurance, LMP, said that such insurance from the damaged vehicle.2.*

Ultimately, the court held the claim of Liepaja municipal police reasonable and decided to collect from police funds for the repair of the car in full.