"It is a purposeful work for many years. Create opredelennogo vision of themselves as the opposition, which in a variety of ways to "beat" the government and criticize it. We see that it works well," said Ijabs.

The analyst also added that the creation and maintenance of image and Ushakov, and Lembergs, the "serious teams" of specialists.

According to the results conducted by the Agency SKDS in November of the survey, the most popular politicians are the mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs (ZZS), who scored 23% of the vote, and the mayor of Riga nil Ushakov ("Agreement"), which received 19.7% of the votes.

For comparison, the rating of the premiere of Marisa Kuchinskisa (sacs) is only 4.8%. Positively assess his activity of 39.8% of respondents negatively— 35%.

The poor balance of positive and negative evaluations of the Riga Duma Deputy Utah the streak, respectively 20.7 per cent and 38.8% of respondents.